Imagine that one super-smart system handles all of your hotel operations; imagine that each individual software component functions seamlessly and efficiently with the others; and imagine that all of it is more visually appealing than anything you've seen from hotels yet. As hoteliers ourselves, we have created this - a complete and visionary hospitality package that thinks and functions in the way that 21 ST Century software should.

Save money

Optimize your operations by automating administrative processes in the hotel. Tools such as online check-in/out, mobile payment, integrated channel and revenue management help innovate and could save up to 25% of hotel operational costs.

Sell more

Integrated channel management ensures constant online availability at the latest prices, both are key to conversion of bookings. Integrated revenue management ensures sales at the best price, at all times. The concierge application (Navigator) helps sell hotel services, upgrades and bring other ancillary revenues.

Improve guest satisfaction

Guests can check-in online, saving time. The Navigator allows guests to have a mobile concierge, as they experience the destination, to ensure they have the best experience possible.

Great support

Being hoteliers ourselves, we understand hotels operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. At FH System we ensure that support works in the same way, providing quick support. 365 days a year.

Manage in Real-time

Our Cloud based Property Management System allows access anytime from any device, letting you to manage operations from any location, as long as you are connected to the internet. Rate and availability updates are instantly communicated and updated through your online channels. Housekeepers manage their department from a mobile device instantly, ensuring reception have the latest room status, allowing for early check-ins and happy guests. We help you analyse your operation in real-time providing an overview of the exact times when you experience bottlenecks and where optimisations are possible.

Get Started in No-time

We love hotels, and we want hotels to love us. We can have your hotel live within 5 days, and you can start to operate your hotel on the Mews Commander instantly. Training can be provided online or in person. Any of our existing integration partners allow a connection to be set up at the same speed within 1 work-week. Seamless, quick and efficient.

Bring the Backoffice with You

The future is in mobile, therefore we offer all of our solutions completely optimized for mobile devices. Imagine a world where receptionists have the freedom to step away from their desk and create genuine guest experiences. A world where managers can increase rates whilst stuck in traffic. Analyse your pickup of new reservations in realtime reporting. Housekeepers can inspect rooms seamlessly and instantly without requiring a computer. That world happened yesterday, and FH System can help you achieve it too.

Make Guests Happier

Guests are at the heart of a hotel operation, and your system solutions should think in the same way, allowing guests to connect with you through their preferred communication tool. Give your guests the option to check-in/out online saving them time, and allowing them to bypass reception. The Navigator allows guests to review and book your hotel services from their personal device, experience your destination based on your recommendations and message reception instantly for help and advise.

Great Support

Your guests expect you to deliver service any time of the day. You should expect the same from your software provider. Our online support allows for quick  and effective handling of queries to ensure a seamless hotel operation. In case of critical support, hotels have a support hotline, which can be called day and night.

Enterprise Solution

Do you operate multiple hotels? That is great, we are the solution for you! Set up a multi-property environment connecting hotels and offer above property reporting to better analyse the total business mix. Centralized reservations departments can quickly query availability across all hotels and book rooms instantly. Customer profiles are updated and shared across all of the hotels, allowing full guest data and anticipation of guest needs.