“A new property management system! We were suspicious right from the start…”

It soon became apparent after the training session that there was no need to worry. It is a user-friendly system without a bunch of unnecessary stuff. The advantage here is that the staff can pay more attention to the guest, which is ultimately our goal. During the training session, you’re given exercises in a demo version so you can already give it a test drive to see how it would work in actuality.

Our favourite features are the Housekeeping list, and the online Check-In of course, which saves time that would have been spent asking the guest for all kinds of information.

We as colleagues really like the fact that everything is done in the cloud. If one of us has a problem with something, then we can always quickly log in using our mobile phones or tablet to see if there’s something we can do to help our other colleague out.

Big thanks to Nikie and the entire team for the training session and the live launch. We’re already looking forward to new updates.

— Sophie - Hotel Acacia


“Keep up the good work”

MEWS is a system tailored to the contemporary hotelier. We are currently busy implementing it in all our hotels.
It is great to be able to look up anything you need, at anytime, anywhere. There’s no long login times like with the traditional systems; MEWS is always fast and up to date. It’s great!
You can really feel that this system was created by and especially FOR hoteliers. Everything you need is right there. The continuous updates prove that the systems are being optimised daily. That’s the spirit! Keep up the good work.

— Sonny Biesmans - Guest, Loving Assistant Manager & Development Different Hotels

“It’s the perfect system for our pop-up hotel”

Pietersheim Castle pop-up hotel recently started working via Future Hospitality System for Mews. We are very satisfied with our new system and the flexibility. And Nikie’s training session was very clear!

— Christianne Knaapen - General Manager Pietersheim Castle

“After having worked with practically every system at least once, it’s finally real!”

We have been using the Mews project management system for a year now. We were looking for an affordable, flexible, and innovative cloud system that could keep us constantly up to date with the current developments in terms of hotel IT. We’ve finally found this in Mews. Apart from a few hiccups at the start, we now feel like it is a very user-friendly and flexible system. I have personally worked with a lot of different, ‘traditional’ hotel systems in the past, like Hotel Concepts, Protel, Fidelio, Opera, and Lodgegate. These systems are all built based on the configuration of the hotel. The innovative thing about Mews is that this system is developed based on the guest. Which is something that every hotelier (should) really want, and now it’s finally real :-). Our receptionists with front desk experience had to adjust at the beginning, but the employees without any reception experience took it and ran with it. That was great because it allows us to operate flexibly and all-round, which immediately saves on overhead. In the meantime, the reception desk has been removed from our castle, and our guests can check in and out online or at any location that they or we pick. After all, checking in while enjoying a good glass of wine next to a cheerful fire is much more enjoyable than standing in a line waiting to be helped (and the turnover is immediate, hahaha). The service we have gotten from FH System is exceptionally good. Wonderfully personal, fast, no-nonsense, and based on a hotelier’s perspective. Nikie and her team are real stars who truly understand the meaning of hospitality. Keep up the good work! 

— Ingmar Sloothaak - Director/Owner Kerckebosch Castle